Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Miss Underaged Drinking...and Television

Self Portrait: A Pop Culture Implosion

A product of my environment,
I was influenced by babysitters who were bar tenders: Sam, Woody, and Diane.
Afternoons, after school, bay side or with the Huxtables,
Friends with friends with lost souls at the coffee house,
And pressured by peers who lived on a Creek.

Emotions accustomed to a summer reprieve
And rewarded by an autumn intensity.
Comedy and Life
Set against a backdrop of four-count choruses,
Mello-dramatic lyrics
That encapsulate everything I am led to feel.

A game show challenge:
How to live in six-day increments
Outside a pre-programmed audience.
Drama without events-
No storyline neatly wrapped in subplot for comic relief.
Narrative not suitable for television;
Premium-channel surfing on a basic cable budget.
Cliffhangers lose their allure
And summer vacation breakdowns in the tabloids.
Plot twists without previews-
(I wasn’t anything- drowning, heroic, sincere- until, simply, I was)

There is subtext and allegory
Then, Ultimately and Suddenly,
There is Reality.

Just in case, this is Copyrighted, 2007.

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